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We’re a new agency with a fresh no-nonsense approach and a very special asset – unrivalled media experience.

You’ll often hear from PR and communications people that they “know how the media thinks” but if you talk to journalists they’ll also often tell you that they have a very  Telegraph and Argus Editor, Perry Austin-Clarke at Bradford Means Business Awards 2013 held at the Aargrah Midpoint. tsspecial filing system for much of the material they receive….

Yorkshire Media Partners is different because all our team have long-standing and in-depth personal experience of working in the local, regional and, in some cases, national press.

In fact, YMP is the brainchild of one of the longest-serving and most respected regional daily newspaper editors in the country, Perry Austin-Clarke. 

Perry (pictured left) edited the multi-award-winning Telegraph & Argus, In Bradford, for 25 years and in recent years he was editor of York’s daily, The Press, as well!

Known to many as the founder of both the T&A’ s Bradford Means Business Awards and the Bradford & District Schools Awards, he has brought together an alliance of media professionals – writers, photographers, designers, artists and digital experts – with all the skills and experience to help you deliver your message directly to your target audience in a creative and interesting way, at a price you can afford.

We specialise in media and communications support services for education providers, charities, small businesses and not-for-profit or public sector organisations.

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