Partnering with charities and fundraisers

It’s easy to think that PR is just something that big business does.

But it’s just as important for charities as it is for multi-national corporations.

Why? Because charities rely on good communication to make their voices heard and bring in money and supporters.

PR is, essentially, a cheap form of marketing. But if it’s done well it can be far more cost effective.

Charities need to win trust – from would-be donors, investors and volunteers alike.

Very often, they also need to encourage and develop the backing of the local community and the best way to do that is through building a profile and reputation through local print, digital and broadcast media.

There are tens of thousands of charities in England alone, so without a PR plan you’re going to struggle to attract awareness or raise funds.

Most of these charities are small and can’t afford to employ specialist PR support.

That’s where we come in. Yorkshire Media Partners provides a cost-effective, project-by-project service that avoids the need for specialist staff or agency contracts built on costly retainers.

We charge only by the actual time we spend on your project so we can help deliver effective PR on a small budget.

We can help you tell your news and promote your fund-raising initiatives and we can also support you with ideas for activities and approaches that are likely to win you the best media coverage.

Our team of associates has worked for decades covering charity work in the local and regional press and we can tell you exactly what newspapers and websites are looking for and help you use social media to gain the widest audience.

To find out more about our range of services, click here

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